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No matter where you are, our thermal printing innovation is in your palm. Concise and stylish, the Cool Black EP series of two portable thermal printers, 2 inches and 4 inches, contains Toshiba's commitment to wireless, mobile and reliable printing solutions.
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Lighter and faster
We can always create the most compact model on the market. Each is so small and light (from 480g to 860g with battery) that you will forget its existence when you carry it.
The EP series has a commendable market-leading printing speed, up to 4 inches (105 mm) per second. At the same time, the high-performance 32-bit RISC CPU ensures lightning-fast processing speed and still achieves excellent image quality.
With the automatic label peeling function, simply remove one label, and the next label will be printed in an instant.

Durable and sturdy
Because it will be used in different environments, people naturally expect portable printers to perform perfectly even under extreme conditions.
Relying on the strong rubber pad corner design of the EP series, our printer can easily pass the 1.8-meter free fall test (B-EP4 is 1.5 meters).
In addition, we also use rubber for external parts to protect them from any form of fall. Equipped with an optional backpack, the EP series printers have exceeded the requirements of the IP54 packaging standard in terms of dust and moisture resistance.

Easy to use
We put a backlit LCD into the EP series to display tag count, battery level, wireless signal strength and error messages. Make the user clear at a glance, and can shorten the operator training time. If there is a problem, the printer will send out an alarm in time to remind you.

Fewer media changes
. Paper or labels can be dropped down with one hand. The large-capacity media roll space design greatly reduces the frequency of replacement. At the same time, the use of coreless media rolls will save time and improve efficiency.
Power accessories The
high durability lithium battery ensures hours of operation. Take out the battery and charge it on the optional charger, or directly use the optional adapter to plug into the printer to charge the battery.
Simple internet connection
EP series has passed Wi-Fi certification and can easily connect to all wireless or wired systems. USB2.0 and IrDA (infrared) are standard configurations in the EP series. Just simply select Bluetooth, WLAN and serial interface. Even models with serial interfaces can be upgraded to Bluetooth and wireless with optional kits.
Fast integration
In addition to Microsoft Windows® drivers (Win 2000, Win XP, Win Vista, Win 7) and standard configuration tools, it also provides a set of software development kits for Windows® CE 5.0 and Mobile 5.0, which is a unique "for CE BCP printing" mobile application emulator.
EP series supports a variety of programming languages, no matter TPCL or BCI (BASIC command compiler) is used, it is designed to be a simple plug-and-play format without any software changes.
The EP series can handle input from other peripheral devices, such as electronic scales and scanning guns. The difference is that both printers support ESC/POS language.


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