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Citizen CL900 RFID barcode printer

Product Details
Citizen CL900 is a high-strength, high-speed bar code printer, with strong printing capabilities and good software and hardware integration and compatibility, high industrial strength, 32-bit high-speed CPU, 20M large-capacity memory, ARCP anti-wrinkle, anti-skid and Pre-defined bit structure.
Support printing: RFID READY, automatic label positioning (print head opening and closing, power opening and closing, when changing ribbons or labels), zero label waste, Chinese printing software
Product performance parameter table  CL900    
printing method  Thermal transfer / direct thermal method  
Printing accuracy  203DPI (8 dots/mm)  
printing speed  1~10 inches/sec (2.54~254MM/S)  
Print width  104MM  
Maximum paper width  118MM 
Motherboard memory  16MB SDRAM, 4MB Flash ROM  
processor   32-bit RISC high-speed processor 
One-dimensional barcode  Code3of9,UPC-A,UPC-E,Interleaved2of5, Code128, EAN-13, EAN-8, HIBC, CODABAR
(NW-7), Plessey, Int2 of 5, CASE CODE, Code93, ZIP, UPC2DIG ADD,UPC5DIG ADD, UCC/EAN128(for K-MART), RandomWeight, Telepen, FIM, UPS 
QR code  MaxiCode, PDF417, Data Matrix, and QR code 
English font  8 kinds of bitmap fonts, 1 kind of Scalable fonts, support TrueType font download 
Extended performance   RFID READY, automatic label positioning (print head opening and closing, power opening and closing, when changing the ribbon or label), zero
label waste, Chinese printing software 
Command language  Datamax instruction set + Zebra ZPL II instruction set 
Standard port  IEEE 1284 parallel port, RS-232 serial port (25 pins), USB1.10  
Label specifications  Width 19.5-118mm, thickness 0.063-0.254mm, length 6.4-812mm, roll or foldable 
Ribbon specifications  Inner/outer carbon, outer diameter 86.5mm (3.46"), inner diameter of paper core 25.4mm (1"), total length up to 450 meters 
Paper warehouse specification label paper roll  The outer diameter is 200mm (8"), the inner diameter of the paper core is 25.4~76mm (1~3") 
Product specifications  255 x 490 x 265 mm, (10" x 19.3 "x 10.4 ")  
product weight  15.2kg 
Other accessories   Electric cutter/stripping, WIFI network card  
Key components  Official performance indicators  Quality Assurance Standard 
Whole machine   1000 kilometers  One year (except vulnerable parts)
Print Head  100 km  Print head within 3 months (within 30 kilometers), whichever comes first 
Automatic cutter die cutting 1 million times  Warranty 300,000 times (within 3 months), whichever comes first 


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