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Washed standard cutter

High-speed cutting stable Up to 7,200 labels can be cut per hour
Washed standard cutter
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Clear, sharp and fast

TSC's new product-washable label cutter can be used with any TTP-2410M Pro series industrial barcode printer, designed to print and cut washable labels on all kinds of clothes at high speed.

The water-washed label cutter can cut textile labels, such as clothes, ribbons, paper, polyester fiber and nylon materials, and the thickness reaches 0.15mm. The minimum width is 1 inch (25.44mm), and the maximum width reaches 2.76 inches (70mm).

Combining the TTP-2410M Pro series barcode printer and the washing label cutter can provide a mass production and economical solution for the cloth label textile industry. Simple operation and use can provide a printing speed of 4 inches per second, and the speed of two cuts per second will not delay the execution speed of the printer. By using consumables recommended by TSC, customers can easily print and cut 120 labels per minute, or more than 7,200 labels per hour.

The label is printed on one side and can be cut and collected in the tray. The label conforms to the TTP-2410M Pro series barcode machine, the minimum length can be shortened to 0.39 inches (10mm); and the longest length can reach 160 inches (4,064mm). The rotary cutter designed for the industrial market has good stability, and the printer continues to print without pause during cutting, which can achieve maximum production efficiency.

Customers can choose models with 200 dpi, 300 dpi or 600dpi resolution for the required washing labels. The 300 dpi high-resolution print head can achieve clear print quality on a wide range of fabric substrates. With print selection settings including fonts, symbols, and logos, TSC water-washed label cutter provides high-quality label printing.

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