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TA200 series

203 dpi or 300 dpi Print mechanism module design 32-bit high-performance microprocessor, 8MB DRAM, 4MB FLASH memory capacity Built-in True Type Font The instruction set supports Eltron? and Zebra? Dual motor design Ribbon capacity 300 M, 1" ribbon spool (outer-wound ribbon) Internal paper roll capacity 5" OD, optional 8.4" outer diameter paper roll holder Contains label editing software and Windows driver
TA200 series
Product Details

Excellent performance, value selection

TSC has accumulated many years of experience in the design and production of various bar code printer models, and launched a brand new value-added economic label printer TA200 series. The newly launched TA200 barcode printer is more stable and durable, enhanced operating convenience and unique and excellent printing performance to meet customers' various label printing needs, and is the first choice for economical barcode printers.

TA200 brand new desktop bar code printer continues to use TSC’s unique "dual motor design" to effectively extend the service life of the machine. With a structural design that can accommodate 300 M ribbon and large paper roll capacity, you can be more efficient Complete various printing tasks. The optional external paper roll holder can accommodate 8.4-inch outer diameter paper rolls, reducing the number of replacement consumables and meeting your mass printing needs.

TA200's new printing mechanism module design can separate the printing mechanism from the body and work independently or integrate it into the KIOSK system to provide you with a wide range of printing needs and solutions.

TA200's structural design and parts selection continue TSC's strict requirements for product stability, durability and high quality, and adhere to excellent quality. TA200's excellent performance makes you value for money.

The TA200 series is suitable for use in various industries, from logistics and freight labels, asset management, product labeling, etc., to meet all kinds of printing needs.

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