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TTP-244M Pro series

Adopt 32-bit high-performance microprocessor Built-in 8MB DRAM, 4MB Flash memory Built-in 100~240V automatic switching power supply Automatic cutter (optional), can cut all kinds of labels up to 0.25 mm thick Comes with world-class barcode label editing software, which can support database printing
TTP-244M Pro series
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The most

cost-effective industrial-grade entry-level model TSC TTP-244M Pro is a premium entry-level model of industrial bar code printers. It adopts an iron shell, which is simple in shape and does not take up space, and is suitable for working environments under various conditions; optional Chinese interface LCD control panel can display various information and functions about the barcode machine; it can also simulate other brand programming languages , Create an optimized software compatible environment.

TSC TTP-244M Pro has a printing speed of 4 inches per second (203 dpi); provides two communication interfaces: serial port and USB; and has an automatic paper test function, saving you work time and paper cost every time you turn it on. TSC TTP-244M Pro is the best choice for commercial-grade barcode printers to achieve industrial-grade performance at the cost.

TSC TTP-342M Pro is an economical and practical entry-level industrial barcode printer. 4 inches print width, 300 dpi resolution, 2 inches print speed per second, suitable for small labels, low-volume applications. The iron shell with transparent window not only is stable and durable, but also makes it easy for users to grasp the usage of ribbon and paper in real time.

TTP-342M Pro is easy to operate. It is equipped with a Chinese interface LCD control panel, which can display the number of labels printed, paper end, ribbon end, print head raised, cutter control and other operation information, even if the novice is as handy as it is on the road.

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