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  • 商品名称: WeChat \ Alipay scanner to make the payments easier
  • 商品编号: Alipay scanner to make
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  • 上架时间: 2016-03-21
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With the advent of mobile micro-channel Alipay wallet / micro-channel payment, mobile payment channels, micro-channel \ Alipay scanner to make payments easier, and the major chain supermarkets, clothing stores, restaurant chains, catering and entertainment industries have followed the trend trend, mobile payments are put magic - micro-channel / Alipay scanner. The public checkout when shopping, only need to open the phone or micro-channel Alipay wallet, let the cashier with a micro-channel \ Alipay payment swipe the bar code scanner on your phone to complete the payment friends.
Scan code to pay
WeChat \ pay advantage of treasure scanner
1. Consumers:
Since the bar code with the traditional payment methods to pay very close, easy consumer acceptance; and more simple, fast, convenient walk to achieve a smart phone to pay the world, get a good customer experience;
2, Business:
Mobile Barcode scanning simple technical operation payment, convenience and low cost of the system set up for business for more than a payment channels to meet different customer needs, greatly enhance the quality of service.
WeChat \ Alipay scanner to make payments easier, the scan code more easily solve the payment problem troubles. WeChat \ Alipay scanner Buy consult Hongxing Yong Lee [online] staff to provide you with better service Oh, Order Hotline: 0755-28225517

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