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  • 商品名称: The use of bar code scanning parity of young people shopping tool

New Year time, many people have such a grasp, receive annual gift from relatives and friends, in salute of hours, often need to go to the supermarket to look at the price, the price is almost the selection of commodities as talent in return to the table humility, sometimes about the budget look, there are always worries too light to send out gift. Now the problem already solved, editors found that in the New Year time, some of the software can scan the bar code parity is very useful, not only concern the young, the elderly are also popular.
  "The first cell phone you must first download a bar code scanning software, then choose a product bar code scanning parity!" Miss Shi analysts say the public to reporters, she usually is very fond of using this type of software, "father drink wine, I love the sweep. relatives to send gift boxes I have to sweep, if your on the province to eat. "Wang leaks, especially received some things not seen, sweep is very necessary, a to know the price of this thing, quality, origin, can be found to where to sell. In the New Year, take hours relative, almost every day she was asked to sweep. "I feel like I have a supermarket cashier." Little Shi said, laughing.
  Reporters interviewed some scans of people found that parity in some working-class software in use is particularly widespread, is essential artifact frugal family. Chen, who lives in the village of Lion told reporters, the software scan code high efficiency, commodity database covers more than ten million kinds of types of goods, nearly 40 million more than one million pieces commodity price data, can mask most of the provinces scan the bar code, a Esau know which supermarket is the cheapest. It is understood that the software, some also swept through the bar code on the list of courier and within a few seconds before you find out the logistics.
  Scan the bar code parity seems some people have become an indispensable way of life, through which the software can quickly understand the information so that consumers and other commodity prices, but also to get some concessions, query the price trend for some commodities. Give our lives a very big convenience
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