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According to the state of things two-dimensional bar code public service platform to provide explanation and 2D barcode is in a certain geometric shape according to certain rules in the plane distribution to record data, information technology, compared to the one-dimensional bar code, RFID (radio frequency) technology, two-dimensional bar code in a very small product internal energy carrying a large amount of information, the lower cost of printing and reading, the security and confidentiality of stronger, identification efficiency is more high, with "passive to active" magic.

In fact, the two-dimensional bar code is based on the basis of one-dimensional code to extend the other dimension, using the rectangular pattern to represent binary data, Yang Jian explained that the length and width of the bar code are recorded data, can accommodate 1850 capital letters or 2710 digits or 1108 bytes or more than 500 characters, can store the contents of several dozen times higher than ordinary. Not only that, but also to pictures, sounds, text, fingerprints, web sites and other information for encoding. At the same time, the three vertices of a square bar code as "locating points", the reader can read from any direction by identifying the positioning point. And relative RFID Technology (Application in etc without stopping toll system), two-dimensional bar code without chips, easy coding can be present in multiple carrier through print, reader device is relatively simple. Therefore, high efficiency and low cost.

Many users have an experience when they scan a two-dimensional bar code - no need to be perfectly aligned, or even part of a two-dimensional bar code can be read. "Supermarket cashier in sweeping the merchandise barcode, boxes and other planar bar code easily swept to, but such as steamed bread and vegetables is not flat items, bar code sometimes can not sweep out and had to manually input," Professor Yang said, "two-dimensional bar code has a strong fault tolerant ability, when 2D barcode for perforation, fouling is damaged or bent, is still the same can reading, even damaged area reached 50% still can recover."

When the mobile phone camera and two-dimensional bar code recognition software, each mobile phone users have a portable reading machine, which can be used to identify two-dimensional bar code access to a variety of applications. Professor Yang Jianzheng believes that with the popularity of 3G, two-dimensional bar code for the user to provide a convenient access to the Internet, download applications or online payment functions, the two-dimensional bar code as a more advanced, more efficient way, encoding should gradually replace the existing one dimensional barcode, but after all, the need to pay the cost, so now more suitable for use in new areas. Therefore, in such a period of the rise of a two-dimensional bar code, the user should also develop new things to prevent the safety awareness, do not ignore the traditional operation of the "self" and "gatekeeper"".

In addition to the use of outdoor, Yang Jianzheng said, the industry should be standardized and self disciplined. "Last year, the China Electronic Chamber of Commerce of the Internet of things technology products application professional committee of the special working group was set up, and the end of the year, the introduction of the national Internet of things and two-dimensional bar code public service platform, develop and promote two-dimensional bar code technology standards." He said, in addition, some two-dimensional bar code reader software card businesses started by embedded anti-virus software and firewalls to maintain user safety.

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